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The "French Red Wine Paradox"

Researchers showed that the French had a secret weapon when it came to combating cholesterol, heart problems, brain loss, and immune deficiencies: They drink red wine!

People in wine-growing regions of France live 25-42% longer and experience fewer heart problems than Americans, despite lavish high-fat diets. Even though they don’t exercise at gyms, the French are slimmer, fitter and healthier than people all over the world.

But to get the amount of red wine to feel major health improvements, you’d have to drink 2 to 3 glasses a day! However, a recent medical breakthrough shows there’s a healthier and easier way: Scientists have isolated the life enhancing super-antioxidant nutrient inside the red wine grape – Resveratrol. Studies suggest that resveratrol may be one of the most important supplement breakthroughs of our time!

Without exception, every person on earth has the potential to abandon pointless SELF-DENIAL and start enjoying EFFORTLESS HEALTH…

It’s not a life sentence of wheat germ, sit-ups and jogging, but a MOLECULE. Its scientific name is Resveratrol. When properly extracted, it can be 20 times more powerful than vitamin C, 50 times more powerful than vitamin E 1 – and this just begins to describe its powers.

Studies from HARVARD, JOHNS HOPKINS and U.C. DAVIS MEDICAL SCHOOL researchers all reveal the undeniable health and anti-aging benefits that Resveratrol offers…

[Chart]The research team at Renown Health Products set out to create a resveratrol supplement that truly embodies the breakthroughs of the university scientists who dedicated their lives to this life-changing research.

The result is Revatrol™, incredibly potent, exceptionally rich in bioflavonoids – the best anti-aging formulation ever created bringing you all the astonishing heart, artery, cholesterol and cellular benefits of 50 bottles of red wine!

The Resveratrol Revolution Hits Below the Belt!

It’s been nearly a decade now since Harvard Medical School reported on the amazing life-enhancing benefits of red wine extract—also known as Resveratrol. Its anti-aging properties, its heart and brain boosting power as well as the immune-strengthening support it provides make Resveratrol one of the most important health discoveries of the last 100 years.

These benefits alone have made Revatrol, the industry standard for Resveratrol formulas, a must-have supplement for your daily health regimen.

But thanks to a ground-breaking study, Resveratrol has proven to be even better – and more vital to your sexual health – than doctors such as me had previously thought. We now know that Resveratrol...

  • Helps give you hard, firm erections—consistently
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels for optimal sexual response
  • Increases blood flow for maximum stamina and performance
  • Supercharges the effects of all erection drugs and pills

The good news—your erection difficulties can quickly become a thing of the past with Revatrol. That’s because Revatrol contains 100mg of Resveratrol—the equivalent of 50 bottles of red wine!

With Revatrol, the raw, erection-boosting power of Resveratrol is now yours to command. It’s the one time you won’t mind being hit below the belt!

That’s because researchers have discovered that resveratrol supports sexual performance in three important ways. It promotes healthy blood sugar levels which are key to a strong sex drive. It increases blood flow to your penis—and it boosts the enzyme needed to produce powerful, long-lasting erections.

Perhaps even more significant, resveratrol nearly QUADRUPLES the effectiveness of erection drugs when taken together! The combination of its blood-sugar balancing properties and its erection boosting power means you can look forward to harder erections and better sex than you’ve known in years.

Revatrol Keeps Your Erection Machine Firing on All Cylinders

If you’re in the “middle years”, life can be tough. Home and work- related stress... hormonal changes... it can all add up to what I call the “middle-age wallop”.

If your sex drive has stalled and you’re having erection problems, life starts being a lot less fun.

As a doctor I see it all the time… guys in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older losing the sexual prowess they once knew. It can be frustrating, embarrassing and downright depressing.

Worse... you decide to give prescription erection drugs a try only to find they aren’t getting the job done. Your erections remain weak and your love life is stuck in neutral.

Put Your Sex Drive Into High Gear

Your penis is a marvelous feat of engineering and functions very much like a machine. In order for erections to occur, this machine needs an ample flow of nitric oxide (N.O.) to make your penis swell.

The problem is that as you get older, your body stops producing sufficient amounts of N.O. needed to get your penis rock hard. In fact, levels of this all-important chemical start dropping off between one and two percent each year after you turn 30. As this happens, your erections grow weaker over time.

N.O. is the fuel that ignites the motor and kicks your sex drive into high gear. You need what scientists call “a minimum critical amount” in order for erection drugs to work. Without it, there’s nothing those little blue pills can do for you... which explains why they could be failing for you.

Fuel Up and Get Hard—with Revatrol!

As reported in the European Journal of Physiology, Resveratrol has been shown to help increase your body’s production of N.O. Researchers found that Resveratrol keeps the N.O. flowing—and helps promote hard, firm erections every time.

It’s simple. The more nitric oxide that is released… the harder and longer lasting your erection will be. Resveratrol does its job so your erection machine can function like a finely tuned sports car. What’s more, Resveratrol also works to increase the vital erection-boosting enzyme cGMP.

That’s where Revatrol and its 100mg of erection-boosting Resveratrol comes in.

Just one caplet a day gives your body the Resveratrol it needs to stay fueled up—keeping you ready for sex at a moment’s notice. You’ll have a full tank of N.O. and your vital sex enzymes will be filled to the brim. Say yes to Revatrol—and enjoy rock hard erections every time!

Finally... Put a Permanent End to Your Erection Problems!

If you’re taking prescription erection drugs and not seeing the desired results, you owe it to yourself to give Revatrol a try. It provides your body with the erection-boosting power that can increase your sexual performance by up to 400%.

Imagine how you’ll feel when a surge of blood flow rushes to your penis... followed by an increase in the enzyme crucial to getting a firm, hard erection. There you are... standing tall and proud ready for another round of great sex!

That’s what Revatrol can do for you. So order Revatrol today and be ready for great sex at a moment’s notice. There’s no other way to be!

Revatrol works – or your money back!

Revatrol gives you 100mg of a proprietary Red Wine Extract blend plus 100mg of Actual Resveratrol — the highest amount of any formula out there. And it has the highest OPC rating of 95 percent!

Plus you get these three extra "booster" antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, and acetyl L-carnitine to give you even MORE anti-aging defenses. All in all, you just can’t beat Revatrol’s value for the money…and with its 100%-money back guarantee, you can be sure you never risk a penny for trying it.

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